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 MARABU is a private company owned by two families, placed in Tamm, near Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1860, they started with production of colours and drawing material. Today Marabu has a production spread of pad, screen and digital printing colours, having ability to print on more than 1000 different objects.

Silk screen techniques have found their global use in various fields, especially in such as marketing and advertising. Later, they discovered their possibilities in car industry, processed plastic, glass, rock, ceramics and textile.

Due to the constant increase of development and systematic expansion of domestic and foreign trade, Marabu has become the leading European producer in selected areas:

Marabu has specialises in the following areas:


  • technical knowledge

  • wide range of different products

  • consistency in supply

  • high quality 

  • screen, pad and digital print products

  • providing security to customers through complete advice and practical experience

  • building a close contact between exclusive agencies and partners, with a full range of products that are in use on-site

  • practicing partnership approach in cooperation with the manufacturer, special supplier and user.

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