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Silk Printing

Here in Destefiko boje we offer you the service of screen printing, on plastic, metal, ceramic, glass and many other surfaces.

Pad Printing

In Destefiko boje you can also be provided with the service of Pad Printing. We can print on various materials and objects, such as pens, lighters, glasses, mugs, and even suitcases - almost any possible material.

Digital Printing

Large and Small Size

Business cards, brochures, flyers, roll-ups, banners, posters up to size B1 - literally all the advertisement material you need for your company.

Car Branding

You can brand (wrap) your vehicle in Destefiko boje, no matter the size or purpose of it; you can use your design on of course you can let that part to our skilled designers here.

Graphic Design

Graphic design of wide spectre, Destefiko boje design team can provide you with any sort of design - form business card to billboard. We can make your ideas possible. 

Razvijanje klišea

Bilo da su vodeni, alkoholni ili čelični u Destefiku možete razviti kliše za vašu štampu, brzo i povoljno.

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